What if every family in Milwaukee’s most challenged urban neighborhoods had a safe place where they could get the resources they need to thrive? Neighborhood House is a community center in Milwaukee’s diverse Concordia neighborhood with a 70-year legacy of offering quality child-care, after-school and summer programs, and wrap-around family support. Our outdoor environmental education – the oldest in the city – engages over 1000 urban youth a year, and our International Learning Center integrates and educates newcomer refugees and their families.

People tell us if Neighborhood House didn’t exist, they might not have found the motivation to stay in school, the encouragement to get through tough times, or the confidence (and child care) to pursue a career. That’s why we’re upgrading our facilities for the next generation – installing a new playground, outfitting a kitchen for health and wellness workshops, building an amphitheater at our 93-acre nature center. There are so many ways to be part of this!

Donations from the greater Milwaukee community are a vital source of funding support for Neighborhood House – in 2013, they comprised 26% of our revenues. The Annual Celebration and gala dinner every November is our signature fundraising event where corporate sponsors and individual donors can and do make a big difference in the lives of NH kids and families.

To learn more about giving opportunities at Neighborhood House, or the Annual Celebration, contact Development Director Tracy Kreuser, (414) – 933-6161, ext. 127.

Five Reasons Your Support Matters

#1 Neighborhood House (NH) has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands at-risk Milwaukeeans since 1945. NH has a 70-year legacy as a safe haven and stabilizing institution at the heart of Milwaukee’s poorest, most under-served neighborhoods. Its main facility has as much square footage as the White House!

#2 NH’s award-winning Early Childhood and Summer Day Camp programs have a legacy of quality care, and are some of the oldest in the city. Parents who came to Neighborhood House as children send their own kids to day-care and summer camp here – generations of Milwaukeeans from all walks of life come through its doors.

#3 Neighborhood House’s International Learning Center (ILC) is Milwaukee’s leading center for refugees & one of only three area sites that offers USBIA certified citizenship services. Over 500 adult refugees annually take classes in English, math and computer classes that help smooth the path to becoming effective parents, workers and citizens in a new land.

#4 Neighborhood House’s Outdoor & Environmental Education is the oldest green program in the city, and known for its expertise with urban youth. Thousands of kids from Milwaukee schools and community centers annually visit our 93-acre Nature Center in Dodge county.

#5 Neighborhood House has one of the city’s most comprehensive nutrition & healthy living programs, that includes partnerships with the Medical College of Wisconsin, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, United Way & other organizations. Together we combat low vaccination rates, poor nutrition, obesity, teen pregnancy, STDs & other pressing health issues.

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